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Success at last

I have been searching for two items for what seems like ages, namely a leopard faux fur coat (particularly as Belinda looks so fantastic in hers) and a sequin blazer. If money were no object I would have snapped up this Colette Dinnigan fur that I blogged about before and this Zadig and Voltaire sparkly number – they do good sequins! However my lovely children always seem to have other plans for my spending money, so I had to do the ‘search, order, return’ routine a few times. But I have succeeded in getting what I wanted, so I’m on that retail success high today!


Here’s the coat, better in the flesh than I had hoped, the colour is just right for me. I wanted a pale creamy print, rather than a tan one. I highly recommend vintage faux fur, I have three now, all bargains and the quality of the fabric is so much better than most of the high street offerings. Etsy and ebay, particularly US ebay are great sources of vintage faux fur.


The sequins are from ASOS. The blazer was in my basket for a week or two while I waited for a code or sale, I knew one would come along sooner or later. It is just what I wanted, matt sequins and the right cut. I’m planning to layer it something like this.

I’m just wondering if it would be a bit OTT to wear them both together?!


7 dresses

I’m sure that my predilection for setting myself style challenges says something about my personality (something I’d rather not know probably!), but it works for me. Last time I decided I wouldn’t wear jeans for a week, now I’ve noticed that I haven’t worn a dress for ages, so that’s what I’m doing now – a week of dresses!

Yesterdays dress was an old Topshop favorite. It has a pleated neckline and a-line skirt and was a bit maternity like so I put a length of elastic in the hem to give it a bubble shape. No sewing involved, the ends of the elastic are joined with a safety pin. Underneath I have a stripy top that I love from Modaspia which I found on Etsy. An old glittery belt gives me a bit of a waist and the boots are my Nicole Farhi’s.

Today I have on a dress I haven’t worn in so long even though I love it. Why do I do that? It’s a silk print from Mango. I’m always on the look out for print dresses but rarely find one that I like colourwise, this one is great though. I have a Nicole Farhi belt and my Autograph ankle boots with it. I couldn’t decide on the blazer though. The grey one is one of my all time favorite items of clothing, I love the cut so, so much. It’s Gerard Darel and I stalked it in House of Fraser last year until they had one of their 25% weekends. It’s wool jersey and so comfortable.

I did a quick swap of the jacket for my velvet Zadig & Voltaire. The warmth of the colour make a big difference, I think. I’ll stick with the grey one today I think purely for the comfort factor, but if I was going out I think I’d wear the velvet. Anyone want to take me to lunch?



I usually delegate rugby match duty to my other half, but today it fell to me and I prepared for the worst weather-wise. In fact, it was a beautiful sunny morning but I was still glad of all the layers. The first layer is a Hanro long sleeve silk vest, a very good investment that has lasted years, then my Zadig and Voltaire sparkly cashmere jumper, a Vanessa Bruno cashmere cardigan from a couple of years ago, Oasis houli-a-likes, my Gerard Darel coat, a nude pink Zara scarf and old, but much loved Gap biker boots, with sheepskin insoles. My boots have acquired a stain on the front, but I think I’ll just regard it as character-giving rather than a reason to bin them!

Stashed in my bag was the new US Vogue, delivered by courier just as I was leaving the house! Also cashmere wrist warmers and hat – you can tell I wasn’t taking any chances. The bag is a version of the Vanessa Bruno paillettes bags. I had one but the straps were too short to put over my shoulder which i found very annoying and so I made one to my own specs and ebayed the VB.

My boys team won and we celebrated with ice cream on the way home, cherry for me, strawberry for him. Yum!


The high-low mix!

You know that you’ve been reading too many magazines when you start using phrases like “Borrowed from the boys” or refering to the singular ‘trouser’! The “high-low mix” is another favorite fashion cliche but it does seem apt for today when I’m wearing a silk blouse, velvet blazer and sweatpants. Yes, I found a bit of sport-luxe at last. Inspired by Gina’s Baukjen (is that how you spell it??) joggers which I was about to buy until I happened upon a grey pair in H&M. I have to admit they are very comfy – this is definitely a trend I could get into!


The cherry blossom silk blouse was found by Sarah last year, and I loved it so much I bought two! The velvet blazer is last winter’s Zadig and Voltaire but fortuitously is the colour of this season, and the ankle boots are fantastically comfortable by M&S.

I found this floral Alex Monroe ring this morning and must wear it more often.

And when I saw my mums work outfit today I thought it was definitely blog-worthy! Fuchsia crepe dress she made herself, black whistles blazer and Kurt Geiger Pistol-alikes. Pretty cool for a 68 year old!

All that glitters

On a day like today  (it has been bucketing down since the middle of the night)I certainly need some sparkle in my life, so how fortuitous that the postman should bring me this Zara gold sequin skirt (via ebay)! Off came the boring jeans and on went the skirt. I’d love a navy textured knit to go with it and I’ve searched everywhere to no avail so I think I might have to knit one myself. At the rate I knit these days it should be ready for A/W 2013 though! Making do with an old navy cashmere jumper for now, I’ll have a root through the cupboards to see what else it will go with. Any ideas?

By now you’ll have seen that I’m a bit of a magpie, with my gold Mulberry bag, a couple of pairs of gold trainers, boots with gold heels, and my desire for sparkly things is unabated. I recently spotted these gold heeled boots in Dune, inspired by Celine boots from a couple of winters ago. The  lovely round toe is right up my street, but the heel is too high for me to wear every day.

Eve and I have been dreaming about these Maje boots for a while now, I tried them on (again) yesterday, but have decided they are a tad too cowboyish in shape, so I am crossing them off my list. Phew.

Then I spotted these in a Zadig &Voltaire ad in Grazia. Swoon. But they are not on their website and the staff in the Z&V concession in Brown Thomas had never seen them before. Hmm.

My final sparkly spotting is much more affordable, and would be a really good buy for winter I think, from River Island. Soft and fuzzy charcoal grey with sparkles, it looks much nicer in real life than on their site. Given the weather forecast I heard this morning, we’ll all be needing something to brighten up our days for the next while.