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Tartan around

Tartan is everywhere right now.  But we really just want to have a touch of the tartan don’t we?  I mean, this look isn’t the aim, is it?!

Again, this is what too much tartan looks like (outfit owned and worn by the Duke of Windsor).  Sometimes less really is more.

As mentioned in a recent blog post, I bought this Morgan & Oates tartan scarf from a charity shop the other week.  I am delighted with it, although its bigger than Ben Hur, so dominates my outfit.  That’s OK, its so good, I am happy for it to take centre stage.  Here I am wearing it with a Mango sequin fronted jumper, Zara super skinny jeans and Sam Edelman Adena slippers.




And today I wore tartan again: Mango black and grey wool mix jacket  |  Primark black cotton long sleeved top  |  Tartan skirt from a vintage shop in NYC (a long time ago)  |  black opaques and Kurt Geiger Willow ankle boots





Now, if you fancy a cute tartan shirt, may I point you in the direction of this one from New Look (£18)?  Its nice, but it didn’t work for me (I just don’t suit that sort of shirt for some reason), but its worth showing you in case it works for you.

Real life close up (then my phone died.  Quite annoying)


20130929-211531.jpgWebsite photo:

Red Tartan Check Shirt


That’s how I roll

Sounds like the Bolters are “playing by themselves” (its what I call it when they destroy the place, but without fighting), so lets see how much I can write…

I like a little New Look from time to time.  Definitely somewhere you need to shop in person – amazing how well some of it photographs.  Maybe I should hire their snapper for family photos?  Anyway, the other week I discovered this tremendous roll sleeve T shirt for a fiver.  Yes, please!  Its 90% cotton, 10% viscose, and I sized up to a 12 as while its roomy, its a slimmer cut than some, so doesn’t really work half tucked in unless you size up.

Grey Roll Sleeve T-Shirt

If the Bolters can continue with their cease fire, I might even do a little online order to get the pink version…  And these black biker skinny jeans (£23) that look good in real life (not being solidly black is a good thing, I think), and have 28% polyester, so they should hold their shape.  Black Biker Skinny Jeans

since I bought it the new grey T shirt, I’ve worn it a few times, most recently to the jungle gym.  Yep, glamour, glamour, glamour.

Outfit: Zara cobalt cotton blazer  |  Forever 21 necklace  |  New Look grey roll sleeve T shirt  |  TopShop Baxter white skinnies  |  Banana Republic Ashley black ballets




Am I the only one who is constantly fantasising about life when their children are back at nursery / school?!

Shoes, I always love shoes

The eldest Bolter announced that she wanted a haircut.  The little two joined in.  I dutifully took them to Trotters.  The poor, poor staff.  It turns out they didn’t want haircuts.  They wanted the gold coins you get once you have had your haircut.  The hairdresser was so sweet and palmed them off with gold covered chocolate, while I bought the girls these gorgeous sandals by Pom D’Api.  They remind me of brightly coloured racing cars.  ‘Cos the Bolters really need to move faster [hmmm].  Anyway, these are just so beautiful, and were reduced from £70 to £20.  I bought the pink, blue and orange, then told the other Worn Out ladies, so now some of the other Little Worn Outs have them, too.  Gorgeousness abounds.





As to what I wore, I did that rare (for me) thing, of changing outfits.

Morning outfit: Zara black blouse  |  Primark floral skinnies (a bit faded, now, so I think that’s the end of the line for them)  |  Aldo Dobrus nude flats (they give me Sideshow Bob feet, but I forgive them)  |  Oroton black bag



Afternoon / evening outfit: Zara black blouse  |  H&M black jacquard cropped trousers  |  Office leopard slippers  |  Zara tan leather cross body bag


Wave bye bye to these shoes.  They pinch.  And, (to quote Vito Corleone), that, I do not forgive


So, as I was mincing past Russell & Bromley, again, I bought these really lovely leopard slippers (style is The Club, and they are reduced from £245 to £70.  Bada bing!).  The white background makes them look quite fresh, I think.  They do slightly rub my nanmby pamby little toe, though [rolls eyes]



While I was waiting for the sales assistant to get my size to try on, I fell in love with this Vixen (reduced from £225 to £95).  These are the best tributes to the Valentino Rock studs I’ve seen.  Damn, why don’t I have a job so I could wear these more than once a year?!  Damn, why aren’t I rich so I don’t care that I already have lots of unworn shoes and can just buy more, anyway?!20130821-213955.jpg



I will just wait until the all nude Vixens are on sale, at the end of the season, as they will go with everything, and don’t look quite so “workwear/corporate”.

Russelll & Bromley Vixen

Finally, I am a huge Diana Vreeland fan, and thought her “Why Don’t You?” column clever and amusing, so I am going to suggest Why Don’t You go to the Kensington Wine Rooms on Kensington Church Street and try a glass of their delicious Maury Solera (sweet red wine)?



Cheers, Dianavreeland 3